Theory and practical particulars




A.Rules and Regulations

 Eligibility for Admission 1


1.       The Courses of study for the degree of bachelor of Physical education shall be open only for the students who have qualified for a Degree of this University or other recognized Universities.

2.       Duration of the Course: The Course of Student Shall be for one Academic year (full time ) in a College officiated to the University.

3.       Attendance,Progress and Conduct:A student shall not be admitted to the University Examinations,unless he has kept not less than 75%of the total Attendance in Theory and pratical Work and has produced a Certificate from the Head of the institution certifying that his progress and conduct have been satisfactory.

4.       Eligibility for Award of the Degree:No candidate shall be for eligible for the B.P.Ed.Degree in Physical Education unless he has completed prescribed course of study in an institution or institutions approved for the purpose and has satisfied the examiners in the qualifying Examinations.

5.       Course of Study: The course of study shall consist of the following subjects and Activities.




1.       Principles,Psychology and methods of physical education.

2.       Organization and Administration of physical Education and Health Education

3.       Anatomy,Physiology of Exercise

4.       Body Mechanics and Kinesiology of Exercise

5.       Officiating and Coaching of Physical Education

6.       Test and measurements (Elective subject)




                       The Practice of Physical Education consists of Activity syllabus as codified and published by the ministry of Education, as minimum pattern for the whole country. the practical work includes practice in various Skill in games & sports. First Aid and Physiotherapy and also practice Teaching of at least 10 lessons of which five essentially be taught in school.

                      Candidates are not allowed to study any other course or appear for any other examination while they are on rolls in a course of study leading to Bachelor Degree in Physical education.

7.       Candidates who are graduates and are in possession of a postgraduate diploma in physical Education can appear for the Final Examination directly and if successful can obtain the degree bachelor of physical Examination.

8.       Candidates who are in possession of a Higher grade certificate or an undergraduate diploma in physical education awarded by a State Government or a University may be allowed to appear for the Final Examination of Bachelor of physical Education, provided they study the B.P.Ed., course of study for a period not less than five months at a college offering the said course of study affricate to Andhra University. Such candidates must join the course of study at least by first of December.

                                          SCHEME OF EXAMINATION (B.P.ED)


                                                Theory      =      600

                                                Practical   =      600

                                                Total          =     1200

                    The THEORY part of the Examination shall comprise of the following papers:

    Paper     Subject                                                                  Marks               Duration


1.      Principles, Psychology and Methods

Of physical Education                                                 100                  3 Hours       

2.      Organization and  Administration of

Physical Education and Health Education.                 100                     3 Hours   

3.       Anatomy,  Psychology and Psychology

Of Exercise                                                                          100                   3 Hours      

       4.   Body Mechanics and Kinesiology                                  100                   3 Hours      

       5.   Officiating and Coaching of Physical

              Education                                                                           100                   3 Hours

       6.   Electives (Tests &Measurements)                                 100                   3 Hours



The Practical part of the examinations shall comprise the following:

Part I – External Assessment:                                                    Marks

a)      Lessons plan in Physical Activities   …….                        100

b)      Practical First Aid, Massage and care of injuries …       50

                                                                        Total              150

Part II – Internal Assessment:  

               Practical examination in activity training are exclusively evaluated by the internal examiners at the College during the course of year.

               The detailed allocation of marks for the various activities will be as follows:

No.                                                    Activity                                                                              Marks    

1. Tenikoit                                                                                                       ……….                      10

2. Tennis                                                                                                           ………                      15

3. Badminton                                                                                                   ……….                    11

4. Swimming and Diving                                                                               ……….                     20

5. Major Games:Net ball/ Foot ball-20; Throw ball;

    Cricket-20; Hockey-20; Basket Ball -20; Volley Ball-15;

    Softball-15;Kabaddi-10; Kho-Kho-10                                                     …………                 130

6 Athletics: Sprints-10,Runs-10; Throws-10

   Hurdles-10; Jumps-10                                                                                 …………                  50

7 a) Gymnastics-Boys:

    Parallel Bars-10;Horizontal Bars-10;

    Rings-10;Mat Exercises-10,

    Vaulting Horses-10,Malkham 1-10

    b) ) Gymnastics-Women:                                                                              ………….             60

Gymnastic Positions -10; Vauting Box-10;

Balancing Beam-10;Uneven Parallel

Bars-10;Mat Exercises-10,pyralmids-10

8.Teaching of Lesson plans and Activies                                                      ……………                 25

9.Coaching Lesson in a game or sport                                                          …………..                  25

10.Officiating in selected game                                                                     ……………                 25

11.Folk Dances                                                                                                  …………..                 10

12.Marchin                                                                                                         ………….                  10

13.Yoga Asanas                                                                                                  …………                   10

14.Calisthenics and Light Apparatus                                                               ………                     10

15.Combatives                                                                                                  ………..                     10

16.Dands and Baithanks/ Squats and Floor Dips                                         ………..                    10

17.Lazing                                                                                  Total                ……………                  10

 The university conducts the practical Examination in Teaching of lesson and practical Fist Aid and Physiotherapy.For practical Examinations of Teaching of lesson, two physical education experts (one Internal from college) need be appointed. The duration of the lesson will be generally for 30 minutes or may be depending on the direction of the Examiner.

Pass Marks

1.No regular candidate will be allowed to appear for the University Examination unless he shows satisfactory progress in the Practical Work of the College and attains at least 203 marks out of 450 marks.i.e,45% in all the Physical activity practicals taught at the college.

2.Theory: Minimum Pass marks in each paper 35% Minimum pass marks in the aggregate is 40%

Practical: Minimum Pass marks in  the total of part I (External Assessment) 68 marks out of 150 marks,i.e,45%.



Distinction                             70% and above                                                         of the

First Division                         60% and above                                                         aggregate

Second Division                    Below 60% but not less than 50%                        of marks in

Third Division                        Below 50% but not less than 40%                   Theory out of 600 




Distinction                             75% and above                                                          of the

First Division                         65% and above                                                         aggregate

Second Division                    Below 65% but not less than 55%                        of marks in

Third Division                        Below 55% but not less than 45%                   Theory out of 600 





Failed Candidates

1. A candidate who has failed either in written part of the examination or practical may be allowed to reappear in the failed part at a subsequent university. Examination or   examinations without putting in attendance and bellowed to complete the whole examinations.

2. . A candidate who has failed either in written part of the examination may be allowed to appear in the failed paper or papers,I.E., in those paper or papers in which he has secured the required aggregate of 40% in Theory. Reappearance in the whole theory Examination is required, if a candidate fails to get the aggregate of 45% in theory.





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